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MAS in Architecture, Real Estate, Construction Information
Core Courses
072-0002-00LCompetence to Act Information Restricted registration - show details
Does not take place this semester.
Only for MAS in Architecture, Real Estate, Construction.
O1 credit2GS. Menz
AbstractLeadership is characterized by a distinctive ability to act. Their sum of specialized, self-reliant and social competence as an expression of the actor's leadership is inseparably linked with the understanding of his attitude.
ObjectiveThe aim is to achieve a high level of professional competence, self-competence and social competence and the ability to optimally incorporate the acquired knowledge in his leadership style.
ContentProfessional competence is the ability to handle tasks of one's own discipline. Both the learned theory and the experienced practice are important in order to be able to recognize connections and solve problems independently and purposefully.

Self-competence is the ability to take responsibility. In an iterative process, this involves the ability to analyze and sharpen one's own knowledge and ability in terms of independence, critical faculty and self-confidence in order to be able to develop one's own values ​​through reliability.

Social competence refers to the ability to understand others as well as behave appropriately and wisely to them.
Lecture notesScripts, documents, studies, dates and addresses are stored on the server of the program.
LiteratureLiterature recommendations at Link and Link
072-0004-00LPublish Restricted registration - show details
Only for MAS in Architecture, Real Estate, Construction.
O1 credit2GA. Paulus, S. Menz
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ObjectiveTo follow
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