Suchergebnis: Lerneinheiten im Frühjahrssemester 2021

Doktorat Departement Maschinenbau und Verfahrenstechnik Information
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Lehrangebot Doktorat und Postdoktorat
151-0111-00LResearch Seminar in Fluid Dynamics
Internes Forschungsseminar für Doktoranden und wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter des IFD.
Z0 KP2SF. Coletti, P. Jenny, T. Rösgen, O. Supponen
151-9904-00LApplied Compositional Thinking for Engineers Information W4 KP3GE. Frazzoli, A. Censi, J. Lorand
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151-0906-00LFrontiers in Energy Research Information
This course is only for doctoral students.
W2 KP2SC. Schaffner
151-0520-00LMultiscale ModelingW4 KP3GD. Kochmann
151-0528-00LTheory of Phase TransitionsW4 KP3GL. Guin, D. Kochmann
151-0540-00LExperimentelle MechanikW4 KP2V + 1UJ. Dual, T. Brack
151-0566-00LRecursive Estimation Information W4 KP2V + 1UR. D'Andrea
151-0593-00LEmbedded Control SystemsW4 KP6GJ. S. Freudenberg, M. Schmid Daners
151-0840-00LOptimization and Machine Learning
Note: previous course title until FS20 "Principles of FEM-Based Optimization and Robustness Analysis".
W4 KP2V + 2UB. Berisha, D. Mohr
151-0944-00LCase Studies on Earth's Natural Resources
Findet dieses Semester nicht statt.
W3 KP3SM. Mazzotti
151-1053-00LThermo- and Fluid DynamicsZ0 KP2KP. Jenny, R. S. Abhari, G. Haller, C. Müller, N. Noiray, D. Poulikakos, T. Rösgen, A. Steinfeld
101-0178-01LUncertainty Quantification in Engineering Information W3 KP2GS. Marelli, B. Sudret
101-0190-08LUncertainty Quantification and Data Analysis in Applied Sciences
Findet dieses Semester nicht statt.
The course should be open to doctoral students from within ETH and UZH who work in the field of Computational Science. External graduate students and other auditors will be allowed by permission of the instructors.
W3 KP4GE. Chatzi, P. Koumoutsakos
227-0224-00LStochastic Systems
Findet dieses Semester nicht statt.
W4 KP2V + 1UNoch nicht bekannt
327-2140-00LFocused Ion Beam and Applications Belegung eingeschränkt - Details anzeigen
Number of participants limited to 6. PhD students will be asked for a fee. Link

Registration form: (Link)
W1 KP2PP. Zeng, A. G. Bittermann, S. Gerstl, L. Grafulha Morales, J. Reuteler
327-2224-00LMaP Distinguished Lecture Series on Additive Manufacturing
Findet dieses Semester nicht statt.
This course is primarily designed for MSc and doctoral students. Guests are welcome.
W1 KP2Sweitere Dozierende
327-2225-00LMaP Distinguished Lecture Series on Soft Robotics
This course is primarily designed for MSc and doctoral students. Guests are welcome.
W1 KP2SR. Katzschmann, L. Schefer
363-0764-00LProject ManagementW2 KP2VC. G. C. Marxt
363-1039-00LIntroduction to NegotiationW3 KP2GM. Ambühl
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