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Mechanical and Process Engineering TC Information
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Further Subject Didactics
For students enrolled from HS 2019: The courses offered here are credited under the category «Subject Didactics and Professional Training».
227-0858-00LSubject Didactics II for D-MAVT and D-ITET Restricted registration - show details O4 credits3G
227-0858-00 GFachdidaktik II für D-MAVT und D-ITET Special students and auditors need a special permission from the lecturers.3 hrs
Wed16:15-19:00CAB G 57 »
Q. Lohmeyer, A. Colotti
151-1072-00LMentored Work in Didactics of Mechanical and Process Engineering Restricted registration - show details O2 credits4A
151-1072-00 AMentorierte Arbeit Fachdidaktik Maschineningenieurwissenschaften und Verfahrenstechnik60s hrsby appt.Q. Lohmeyer
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