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Applied Geophysics Master Information
Period ETHZ
651-4079-00LReflection Seismology ProcessingO5 credits6V + 6UD.‑J. van Manen
651-4104-00LGeophysical Field Work and Processing: MethodsO2 credits3VC. Schmelzbach, H. Maurer
651-4094-00LNumerical Modelling for Applied GeophysicsO5 credits2GJ. Robertsson, H. Maurer
651-4096-00LInverse Theory I: BasicsO3 credits2VA. Fichtner
651-4096-02LInverse Theory II: Applications
Prerequisites: The successful completion of 651-4096-00L Inverse Theory I: Basics is mandatory.
W+3 credits2GA. Fichtner, C. Böhm
651-4087-00LCase Studies in Exploration and Environmental GeophysicsW+3 credits3GH. Maurer, J. Robertsson, M. Hertrich, M. O. Saar, T. Spillmann
651-4106-03LGeophysical Field Work and Processing: Preparation and Field Work Information O7 credits3V + 11PC. Schmelzbach, P. Nagy, A. Wieser
701-0106-00LMathematics V: Applied Deepening of Mathematics I - IIIW3 credits2GM. A. Sprenger
651-4240-00LGeofluidsW+6 credits4GX.‑Z. Kong, T. Driesner, S. Kyas, A. Moreira Mulin Leal
651-4109-00LGeothermal EnergyW3 credits4GM. O. Saar, P. Bayer, E. Rossi, F. Samrock
651-1062-00LMaster's Thesis
In the last semester of the Joint MSc in Applied Geophysics, students write their Master’s Thesis at one of the three universities, other approved university or industry laboratories.
W30 credits64DH. Maurer
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