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Environmental Engineering Bachelor Information
2. Semester
First Year Examinations (2. Sem.)
401-0242-00LAnalysis II Restricted registration - show details O7 credits5V + 2UM. Akveld
401-0612-00LStatistics and Probability Theory Information O5 credits3V + 1UL. Meier
252-0846-00LComputer Science II Information O4 credits2V + 2UF. Friedrich Wicker, R. Sasse
151-0510-00LEngineering MechanicsO6 credits4GC. Glocker, J. Dual
529-2002-02LChemistry IIO5 credits2V + 2UJ. Cvengros, J. E. E. Buschmann, P. Funck, H. Grützmacher, S. Hug, E. C. Meister, R. Verel
First Year Project Work
101-0510-00LFirst Year Project Work Restricted registration - show details O3 credits6AD. Braun, M. Floriancic, E. Morgenroth, J. Wang
4. Semester
Compulsory Courses 4. Semester
Examination Block 2
102-0214-00LIntroduction to Urban Water Management Information Restricted registration - show details
Only for students in Environmental Engineering BSc who need to purchase 6 CP. For these students the excursions are compulsory and they have to enrol for the course unit 102-0214-00L.

Other students have to enrole for the course unit 102-0214-02L (without excursions).
O6 credits4G + 1PE. Morgenroth, M. Maurer
102-0324-01LEcological Systems Analysis Restricted registration - show details O6 credits4G + 1PS. Pfister, A. Frömelt, T. Sonderegger, N. von Götz
102-0474-00LIntroduction to Water Resources ManagementO4 credits4GP. Burlando
Examination Block 3
The remaining courses of examination block 3 will be offered in autum semester.
102-0325-00LWaste ManagementO4 credits3GC. Leitzinger, L. S. Morf
Additional Compulsory Courses
102-0524-00LLaboratory Course in Environmental Engineering I Restricted registration - show details O7 credits4PD. Braun, L. Biolley, P. M. Kienzler, L. von Känel
102-0516-01LEnvironmental Impact AssessmentO3 credits2GS.‑E. Rabe
6. Semester
Compulsory Courses 6. Semester
Examination Block 4
851-0705-01LEnvironmental Law II: Fields of Law and Case StudiesO3 credits2VM. Pflüger, A. Gossweiler, C. Jäger
Additional Compulsory Courses
102-0526-01LLaboratory Course in Environmental Engineering II Restricted registration - show details O7 credits4PD. Braun, M. Floriancic, H. P. Füchslin, S. Rubli, B. Schäppi, M. Wettstein
Elective Blocks
Elective Block: Environmental Planning
101-0414-00LTransport Planning (Transportation I) Information W3 credits2GN. Garrick
103-0357-00LEnvironmental PlanningW3 credits2GS.‑E. Rabe
Elective Block: Soil Protection
701-0524-00LSoil BiologyW3 credits2VB. W. Frey, A. Frossard
701-0518-00LSoil Resources and Global Change Information W3 credits2GS. Dötterl, M. W. Evangelou
Elective Block: Civil Engineering
101-0206-00LHydraulic EngineeringW5 credits4GR. Boes
Elective Block: Energy
At least 10KP must be achieved for the elective block: Energy.
529-0191-01LElectrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage TechnologiesW4 credits3GL. Gubler, E. Fabbri, J. Herranz Salañer
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