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Biology Master Information
Elective Major Subject Areas
Elective Major: Molecular Plant Biology
Elective Compulsory Master Courses
751-4801-00LSystem-Oriented Management of Herbivore Insects
Does not take place this semester.
W2 credits2Gto be announced
529-0733-01LEnzymesW6 credits3GD. Hilvert
751-5121-00LInsect Ecology Restricted registration - show details
The number of participants is limited to 30.
W2 credits2VC. De Moraes, M. Mescher, N. Stanczyk
551-1153-00LSystems Biology of Metabolism
Number of participants limited to 15.
W4 credits2VU. Sauer, N. Zamboni, M. Zampieri
751-4504-00LPlant Pathology IW2 credits2GB. McDonald
551-1407-00LRNA Biology Lecture Series I: Transcription & Processing & Translation
Does not take place this semester.
W4 credits2VF. Allain, N. Ban, U. Kutay, further lecturers
551-1409-00LRNA Biology Lecture Series II: Non-Coding RNAs: Biology and TherapeuticsW4 credits2VJ. Hall, M. Stoffel, further lecturers
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