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Environmental Sciences Bachelor Information
Students can choose between one Bachelor thesis of 10KP or two Bachelor theses of 5KP each.

In principle, all professors and lecturers involved in the teaching of the Environmental Sciences degree programme are entitled to supervise a Bachelor's thesis (BA).
BA in the area of social sciences and humanities can only be supervised by lecturers who teach in this area. The same applies to BA in the field of natural sciences and technology.
If the thesis is supervised by a person who does not teach in the Environmental Sciences degree programme or who does not have ETH lecturer status, then the student has to fill in the "Form for supervisors of a Bachelor thesis who do not teach in the Environmental Sciences degree programme" Link
Specialization in an Environmental System
Forest and Landscape
The following courses are highly recommended as preparation for the Specialization in Forest and Landscape:

701-0266-00L Einführung in die Dendrologie (Autumn semester)
551-0435-00L Systematische Biologie: Zoologie (Spring semester)
701-0360-00L Systematische Biologie: Pflanzen (Spring semester)

These courses should be successfully completed during the second year.
701-0535-00LEnvironmental Soil Physics/Vadose Zone HydrologyW3 credits2V + 1U
701-0535-00 VEnvironmental Soil Physics/Vadose Zone Hydrology2 hrs
Wed16:15-18:00CHN E 46 »
A. Carminati, P. U. Lehmann Grunder
701-0535-00 UEnvironmental Soil Physics/Vadose Zone Hydrology1 hrs
Wed18:15-19:00CHN E 46 »
A. Carminati, P. U. Lehmann Grunder
701-0553-00LLandscape Ecology Information W3 credits2G
701-0553-00 GLandschaftsökologie2 hrs
Mon14:15-16:00CHN F 46 »
F. Kienast, L. Pellissier
701-0559-00LSeminar for Bachelor Students: Forest and LandscapeW3 credits2S
701-0559-00 SSeminar für Bachelor-Studierende: Wald und Landschaft
Beginn 23.09.2021
Bekanntgabe des weiteren Ablaufs zu einem späterenZeitpunkt (hängt ab von der Anzahl eingeschriebener Studierender).
2 hrs
Thu10:15-12:00LFV E 41 »
M. Lévesque, T. Ohmura
701-0561-00LForest Ecology Information W3 credits2V
701-0561-00 VWaldökologie2 hrs
Wed10:15-12:00CHN G 42 »
C. Bigler
701-0565-00LFundamentals of Natural Hazards ManagementW3 credits3G
701-0565-00 GGrundzüge des Naturgefahrenmanagements
Does not take place this semester.
Zusätzlich zwei obligatorische, ganztägige Exkursionen.
3 hrsV. Griess, B. Krummenacher, S. Löw
701-0567-00LForest Health: Entomology and PathologyW3 credits2V + 1P
701-0567-00 VWaldgesundheit: Entomologie und Pathologie2 hrs
Tue10:15-12:00CHN F 42 »
E. Brockerhoff, V. Queloz
701-0567-00 PWaldgesundheit: Entomologie und Pathologie1 hrs
Wed/2w12:15-14:00CHN F 42 »
24.11.12:15-14:00CHN F 42 »
08.12.12:15-14:00CHN F 42 »
22.12.12:15-14:00CHN F 42 »
E. Brockerhoff, V. Queloz
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