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Agricultural Sciences Master Information
Major in Plant Sciences
Methodology Competences
Seminar in Plant Sciences
751-5115-00LCurrent Aspects of Nutrient Cycle in Agro-Ecosystems
Does not take place this semester.
W+2 credits1SE. Frossard
751-4003-01LCurrent Topics in Grassland Sciences (HS) Information W+2 credits2SA. K. Gilgen
Design, Analysis and Communication of Science
751-3801-00LExperimental Design and Applied Statistics in Agroecosystem ScienceO3 credits2GA. Hund, W. Eugster, C. Grieder, R. Kölliker
751-5201-10LTropical Cropping Systems, Soils and Livelihoods Restricted registration - show details
This course has been restructured due to Covid-19 restrictions, part I (2 CP) takes place in Autumn 2021, part II (3 CP) in Spring 2022, with an excursion/fieldwork. For more information, please contact the lecturer: Link
W+2 credits2GJ. Six, K. Benabderrazik
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