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151-0107-20LHigh Performance Computing for Science and Engineering (HPCSE) IW4 credits4GP. Koumoutsakos, S. M. Martin
151-0111-00LResearch Seminar in Fluid Dynamics Restricted registration - show details
Internal research seminar for graduate students and scientific staffs of the IFD
E-0 credits2SF. Coletti, P. Jenny, T. Rösgen, O. Supponen
151-0123-00LExperimental Methods for EngineersW4 credits2V + 2UT. Rösgen, B. Schuermans, M. Tibbitt
151-0529-00LComputational Mechanics II: Nonlinear FEAW4 credits2V + 2UL. De Lorenzis
151-0563-01LDynamic Programming and Optimal Control Information W4 credits2V + 1UR. D'Andrea
151-0593-00LEmbedded Control SystemsW4 credits6GJ. S. Freudenberg, M. Schmid Daners
151-0623-00LETH Zurich Distinguished Seminar in Robotics, Systems and Controls Information W1 credit1SB. Nelson, M. Chli, M. Hutter, R. Katzschmann, R. Riener, R. Siegwart
151-1053-00LThermo- and Fluid DynamicsE-0 credits2KP. Jenny, R. S. Abhari, G. Haller, C. Müller, N. Noiray, T. Rösgen, A. Steinfeld
151-8101-00LInternational Engineering: from Hubris to HopeW4 credits3GE. Tilley, M. Kalina
151-9901-00LScientific Writing for Publication in Engineering Restricted registration - show details
Only for D-MAVT doctoral students.

Number of participants limited to 15 per group.
W2 credits1GS. Milligan
151-9902-00LWorkshop on Intellectual Property Rights Restricted registration - show details
Does not take place this semester.
Number of participants is limited to 20, in case of over-booking, 2nd year doctoral students from different research groups will have priority, registration by email to Link, please, state the name of your supervising professor and the year of your PhD studies (first, second, third... ).
W1 credit2S
351-0778-00LDiscovering Management
Entry level course in management for BSc, MSc and PHD students at all levels not belonging to D-MTEC. This course can be complemented with Discovering Management (Excercises) 351-0778-01.
W3 credits3GB. Clarysse, S. Brusoni, E. Fleisch, G. Grote, V. Hoffmann, T. Netland, Y. R. Shrestha, P. Tinguely, L. P. T. Vandeweghe
363-0341-00LIntroduction to Management Information W3 credits2GZ. Zagorac-Uremovic, J. O'Neil
363-0389-00LTechnology and Innovation Management Information W3 credits2GS. Brusoni, A. Zeijen
363-0403-00LIntroduction to MarketingW3 credits2GS. Brüggemann, F. von Wangenheim
363-0503-00LPrinciples of Microeconomics
GESS (Science in Perspective): This lecture is for MSc students only. BSc students register for 363-1109-00L Einführung in die Mikroökonomie.
W3 credits2GM. Filippini
363-0511-00LManagerial Economics
Not for MSc students belonging to D-MTEC!
W4 credits3VV. Lohmann, P. Egger, M. Köthenbürger
363-0565-00LPrinciples of MacroeconomicsW3 credits2VJ.‑E. Sturm
363-0711-00LAccounting for ManagersW3 credits2VJ.‑P. Chardonnens
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