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Geospatial Engineering Bachelor Information
Compulsory Courses
Examination Block 1
401-0243-00LAnalysis III Information Restricted registration - show details O3 credits2V + 1UP. Cheridito
103-0233-10LFundamentals of GISO6 credits5GM. Raubal
103-0187-02LSatellite GeodesyO4 credits3GM. Rothacher
102-0675-00LEarth ObservationO4 credits3GI. Hajnsek, E. Baltsavias
701-0757-00LPrinciples of EconomicsO3 credits2GR. Schubert
851-0703-00LIntroduction to Law
Students who have attended or will attend the lecture "Introduction to Law for Civil Engineering and Architecture " (851-0703-03L) or " Introduction to Law" (851-0708-00L), cannot register for this course unit.

Particularly suitable for students of D-ARCH, D-MAVT, D-MATL
O2 credits2VO.  Streiff Gnöpff
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