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High-Energy Physics (Joint Master with IP Paris) Information
Optional Subjects in Physics
402-0715-00LLow Energy Particle PhysicsW6 credits2V + 1UA. S. Antognini, P. A. Schmidt-Wellenburg
402-0725-00LExperimental Methods and Instruments of Particle Physics Information
Special Students UZH must book the module PHY461 directly at UZH.
W6 credits3V + 1UU. Langenegger, T. Schietinger, University lecturers
402-0713-00LAstro-Particle Physics I Information W6 credits2V + 1UA. Biland
402-0833-00LParticle Physics in the Early Universe
Does not take place this semester.
W6 credits2V + 1U
402-0767-00LNeutrino PhysicsW6 credits2V + 1UA. Rubbia, D. Sgalaberna
402-0830-00LGeneral Relativity Information
Special Students UZH must book the module PHY511 directly at UZH.
W10 credits4V + 2UR. Renner
402-0898-00LThe Physics of Electroweak Symmetry Breaking Information
Does not take place this semester.
W6 credits2V + 1Uto be announced
402-0777-00LParticle Accelerator Physics and Modeling IW6 credits2V + 1UA. Adelmann
402-0851-00LQCD: Theory and Experiment
The lectures will take place during the weeks of Jan 18 and Jan 25, 2021,
each day of the week, Monday to Friday, 10:00 - 12:00.

In addition, each Tuesday and Thursday we plan for afternoon slots, 14:00 - 16:00.
W3 credits3GG. Dissertori, S. Pozzorini
402-0897-00LIntroduction to String TheoryW6 credits2V + 1UM. Gaberdiel
402-0845-80LScattering Amplitudes in Quantum Field Theories
Special Students UZH must book the module PHY577 directly at UZH.
W6 credits2V + 1UV. Del Duca
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