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Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnologie Master Information
Master-Studium (Studienreglement 2018)
Computers and Networks
The core courses and specialization courses below are a selection for students who wish to specialize in the area of "Computers and Networks", see

The individual study plan is subject to the tutor's approval.
These specialization courses are particularly recommended for the area of "Computers and Networks", but you are free to choose courses from any other field in agreement with your tutor.

A minimum of 40 credits must be obtained from specialization courses during the Master's Programme.
101-0178-01LUncertainty Quantification in Engineering Information W3 KP2GS. Marelli
227-0126-00LAdvanced Topics in Networked Embedded SystemsW2 KP1SL. Thiele, J. Beutel
227-0420-00LInformation Theory II Information
Findet dieses Semester nicht statt.
W6 KP2V + 2UA. Lapidoth
227-0436-00LDigital Communication and Signal ProcessingW6 KP2V + 2UA. Wittneben
227-0559-00LSeminar in Deep Reinforcement Learning Information Belegung eingeschränkt - Details anzeigen
Number of participants limited to 25.
W2 KP2SR. Wattenhofer, O. Richter
252-0408-00LCryptographic Protocols Information W6 KP2V + 2U + 1AM. Hirt, U. Maurer
851-0734-00LRecht der Informationssicherheit
Findet dieses Semester nicht statt.
Besonders geeignet für Studierende D-INFK, D-ITET
252-0437-00LVerteilte Algorithmen Information W5 KP3V + 1AF. Mattern
227-0559-10LSeminar in Communication Networks: Learning, Reasoning and Control Belegung eingeschränkt - Details anzeigen
Findet dieses Semester nicht statt.
Number of participants limited to 24.
W2 KP2SL. Vanbever, A. Singla
252-0312-00LUbiquitous Computing Information W4 KP2V + 1AC. Holz, F. Mattern, S. Mayer
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