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Mathematics Master Information
For the Master's degree in Applied Mathematics the following additional condition (not manifest in myStudies) must be obeyed: At least 15 of the required 28 credits from core courses and electives must be acquired in areas of applied mathematics and further application-oriented fields.
Electives: Applied Mathematics and Further Application-Oriented Fields
Selection: Probability Theory, Statistics
401-4605-20LSelected Topics in Probability Information W4 credits2VA.‑S. Sznitman
401-4626-00LAdvanced Statistical Modelling: Mixed ModelsW4 credits2VM. Mächler
401-4627-00LEmpirical Process Theory and ApplicationsW4 credits2VS. van de Geer
401-4632-15LCausality Information W4 credits2GC. Heinze-Deml
401-6102-00LMultivariate Statistics
Does not take place this semester.
W4 credits2Gnot available
401-4604-20LNCCR SwissMAP – Master Class in Mathematical Physics: Minicourse "Percolation Theory" Information W2 credits2GV. Tassion
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