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Computer Science Bachelor Information
Core Courses
Major: Systems and Software Engineering
252-0216-00LRigorous Software Engineering Information O8 credits4V + 2U + 1AF. Friedrich Wicker, H. Lehner, M. Schwerhoff
AbstractThis course introduces both theoretical and applied aspects of software engineering and analysis. It covers:

- Software Architecture
- Informal and formal Modeling
- Design Patterns
- Code Refactoring
- Program Testing
- Dynamic Program Analysis
- Static Program Analysis
ObjectiveThe course has two main objectives:

- Understand, end-to-end (theoretical and practical), the core techniques for building quality software

- Understand how to apply these techniques in practice
ContentSome of the core technical topics covered will be:

- modeling and mapping of models to code
- common code design patterns
- functional and structural testing
- dynamic and static analysis
LiteratureWill be announced in the lecture.
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