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Environmental Engineering Bachelor Information
6. Semester
Elective Blocks
Elective Block: Environmental Planning
101-0414-00LTransport Planning (Transportation I) Information W3 credits2G
101-0414-00 GVerkehrsplanung (Verkehr I)2 hrs
Mon12:45-14:30HIL E 1 »
K. W. Axhausen
103-0357-00LEnvironmental Planning Information W3 credits2G
103-0357-00 GUmweltplanung2 hrs
Mon14:45-16:30HIL E 8 »
15:00-17:00ER SA TZ »
M. Sudau, S.‑E. Rabe
Elective Block: Soil Protection
701-0524-00LSoil BiologyW3 credits2V
701-0524-00 VBodenbiologie2 hrs
Mon13:15-15:00LEE C 104 »
O. Daniel, B. W. Frey
701-0518-00LSoil Resources and Global ChangeW3 credits2G
701-0518-00 GBodenressourcen und Global Change2 hrs
Mon15:15-17:00CAB G 56 »
S. Dötterl, M. W. Evangelou
Elective Block: Civil Engineering
101-0206-00LHydraulic EngineeringW5 credits4G
101-0206-00 GWasserbau4 hrs
Thu08:00-09:35HIL E 1 »
08:00-10:00ER SA TZ »
Fri09:45-11:30HIL E 1 »
10:00-12:00ER SA TZ »
R. Boes
Elective Block: Energy
Offer in HS (as from HS19 on):
-227-1635-00L Electric Circuits
-151-1633-00L Energy Conversion
At least 10KP must be achieved for the elective block: Energy.
529-0191-01LElectrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage TechnologiesW4 credits3G
529-0191-01 GElectrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage Technologies3 hrs
Tue14:15-17:00HG G 5 »
L. Gubler, E. Fabbri, J. Herranz Salañer
227-0803-00LEnergy, Resources, Environment: Risks and ProspectsW6 credits4G
227-0803-00 GEnergy, Resources, Environment: Risks and Prospects4 hrs
Thu08:15-12:00HG D 3.2 »
20.02.08:15-12:00HG E 3 »
O. Zenklusen, T. Flüeler
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