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Science, Technology, and Policy Master Information
Social Sciences
860-0005-01LColloquium Science, Technology, and Policy (FS) Information Restricted registration - show details
Only for Science, Technology, and Policy MSc.
O1 credit2KT. Bernauer, T. Schmidt
860-0001-00LPublic Institutions and Policy-Making Processes Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 25.

Priority for MSc Science, Technology, and Policy.
O3 credits2.8GT. Bernauer, S. Bechtold, F. Schimmelfennig
860-0042-00LStatistics 2 Restricted registration - show details
Only for MSc Science, Technology and Policy
O4 credits2GK. Harttgen, I. Günther
860-0032-00LPrinciples of Macroeconomics Restricted registration - show details
Prerequisite: An introductory course in Economics is required to sign up for this course.

Number of participants is limited to 20

STP students have priority
O3 credits2VS. Sarferaz
860-0033-00LBig Data for Public Policy Restricted registration - show details
Only for MSc STP, MSc CIS, PhD students D-GESS and D-MTEC.
STP students have priority.
O3 credits2GE. Ash, M. Guillot
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