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History and Philosophy of Knowledge Master Information
Research Colloquium
862-0004-10LResearch Colloquium Philosophy for Master Students and PhD (FS 2020) Restricted registration - show details
For MAGPW and PhD students of D-GESS only.
Personal registration required to Prof. Wingert.
W2 credits1KL. Wingert, M. Hampe, R. Wagner
862-0078-09LResearch Colloquium. Extra-European History and Global History (FS 2020)
For PhD students and postdoctoral researchers. Masterstudents are welcome.
W2 credits1KH. Fischer-Tiné, M. Dusinberre
862-0088-06LResearch Colloquium Science Studies (FS 2020) Restricted registration - show details
For master students only with a personal invitation.
W2 credits1KM. Hagner
862-0089-06LAdvanced Colloquium in Literary Studies (FS 2020) Restricted registration - show details
Colloquium is designed for advanced and graduated students.
W2 credits1KA. Kilcher
862-0106-00LStudent Colloquium for Master's Thesis Restricted registration - show details W2 credits2KR. Delucchi, C. Jany
851-0551-15LColloquium for Master and Ph.D. Students History of Technology (FS 2020)W2 credits1KD. Gugerli
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