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Architecture Bachelor Information
Bachelor Studies (Programme Regulations 2017)
First Year Examinations
Examination Block 1
052-0604-00LStructural Design II Information
Until FS17 this course was offered under LV 066-0412-00L (Structural Design II). Students who already attended and also terminated the course cannot enroll once more and they will not be credited for LE 052-0604-00L a second time.
O2 credits2GP. Block, J. Schwartz
052-0704-00LSociology II Information O2 credits2VM. Streule Ulloa Nieto, M. A. Glaser, S. Guinand, C. Schmid
052-0902-00LBuilding History II Information O2 credits2VS. Holzer
Examination Block 2
052-0804-00LHistory and Theory in Architecture II Information O2 credits2V + 2UM. Delbeke, M. Charitonidou, T. Klauser, L. Stalder, H. Teerds, E. Weizman
151-8002-00LBuilding Physics I: Heat and AcousticsO2 credits2VJ. Carmeliet, M. Ettlin
052-0702-00LUrban Design II Information O2 credits2VM. Wagner
052-0606-00LMathematics and Programming II Information O2 credits2VL. Hovestadt
Subjects with Semester Grade
052-0502-00LDesign and Construction II Information
Project grading at semester end is based on the list of enrolments on 3.4.20, 2400 h (valuation date) only.

Ultimate deadline to enroll or unsubscribe from this course is 3.4.20, 24:00 h.

Obligatory introductory course in model making: 1 week, from 10th to 14th February 2020, Place (room) will be announced in due time.
O8 credits4V + 10G + 2UA. Deplazes, D. Mettler, D. Studer
052-0504-00LArchitecture and Arts II Information
Project grading at semester end is based on the list of enrolments on 3rd April 2020, 24:00 h (valuation date) only.
Ultimate deadline to enroll or unsubscribe from this course is Friday 3.4.20, 24:00 h.
O8 credits2V + 5G + 2UH. E. Franzen, K. Sander, T. Becker, M. Wermke
Examination Blocks
Examination Block 1
052-0608-00LStructural Design IV Information O2 credits3GJ. Schwartz, P. Block
052-0806-00LHistory and Theory of Architecture IV Information O2 credits2VL. Stalder
052-0636-00LMathematic Thinking and Programming IV Information O2 credits2VL. Hovestadt
Examination Block 2
151-8004-00LBuilding Physics III: Building Energy Demand and Urban PhysicsO2 credits2GJ. Carmeliet, K. Orehounig
052-0802-00LGlobal History of Urban Design II Information O2 credits2VT. Avermaete, J. Gosseye
052-0708-00LUrban Design IV Information O2 credits2VH. Klumpner, S. V. Baur
Examination Block 3
052-0808-00LHistory and Theory of Architecture VI (Substitute Prof. Ursprung)O2 credits2VN. Zschocke, A. Smith
052-0652-00LBuilding Process II Information O2 credits2VS. Menz
052-0706-00LLandscape Architecture II Information O2 credits2VC. Girot
052-0610-00LEnergy and Climate Systems II Information O2 credits2GA. Schlüter
052-0508-00LArchitectural Technology VIO2 credits2GM. Peter
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