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Spatial Development and Infrastructure Systems Master Information
The entire course programs of ETH Zurich and Universitiy Zurich are open to the students to individual selection. The students have themselves to check whether they meet the admission requirements for a course.
Recommended Electives of Master Degree Programme
Students having enroled for 851-0703-03 earlier (i.e. bachelor's degree programme or as additional requirement for master's degree programme) cannot enrol for this again during master's degree programme.
101-0249-00LSelected Topics on Hydraulic Engineering
Prerequisites: 101-0247-01L Hydraulic Engineering II or equivalent course.
W3 credits2SR. Boes
103-0245-01LThematic Cartography Information W2 credits2GL. Hurni
103-0227-00LCartography III Information W5 credits4GL. Hurni
401-0625-01LApplied Analysis of Variance and Experimental Design Information W5 credits2V + 1UL. Meier
363-0541-00LSystems Dynamics and ComplexityW3 credits3GF. Schweitzer
701-1543-00LTransdisciplinary Methods and Applications
Does not take place this semester.
This course is expected to take place again in 2020 only. Alternatively, we propose the course 701-0998-00L 'Environment and Human Health Risk Assessment of Chemicals', held in the Spring semester.
W3 credits2GP. Krütli, M. Stauffacher
401-3901-00LMathematical Optimization Information W11 credits4V + 2UR. Zenklusen
151-0757-00LEnvironmental ManagementW2 credits2GR. Züst
102-0317-00LAdvanced Environmental Assessments
Master students in Environmental Engineering choosing module Ecological Systems Design are not allowed to enrol 102-0317-00 Advanced Environmental Assessments (3KP) as already included in 102-0307-01 Advanced Environmental, Social and Economic Assessments (5KP).
W3 credits2GS. Hellweg, R. Frischknecht
851-0703-03LPrivate Construction Law Restricted registration - show details
Only for Civil Engineering BSc, Spatial Development and Infrastructure Systems MSc and UZH MNF Geographie/Erdsystemswissenschaften.
W2 credits2VT. Ender, E. Rüegg
101-0193-00LSystemic Design Labs: RE:GENERATE Alpine-Urban Circularity Information Restricted registration - show details W4 credits2ST. Luthe
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