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Public Policy Bachelor Information
Bachelor Studies (Programme Regulations 2018)
1. Semester
Core Courses First Year Examinations
Examination Block 1
Students are free to take the exam either in German or in French. They may choose between 853-0723-00L 'Introduction to Torts, Contract and Insurance Law' or 851-0709-00L 'Introduction to Civil Law' (French)
853-0723-00LIntroduction to Torts, Contracts and Insurance Law Restricted registration - show details W3 credits2VC. von Zedtwitz
851-0709-00LIntroduction to Civil LawW2 credits2VH. Peter
851-0577-00LPrinciples of Political ScienceO4 credits2V + 1UL. Rudolph
853-0033-00LLeadership I Restricted registration - show details
For BA Public Policy and DAS Military Sceinces only.
O3 credits2VF. Kernic, F. Demont, M. Holenweger
Examination Block 2
351-1034-00LMicroeconomics Restricted registration - show details O3 credits2VA. Fetz, M. Gysler
853-0725-00LHistory Part One: Europe (The Cradle of Modernity, Britain, 1789-1914) Information O3 credits2VH. Fischer-Tiné
853-0037-00LMilitary Psychology and Pedagogy I Restricted registration - show details
Only for Public Policy BA
O4 credits2V + 1UH. Annen
Remaining Core Courses of the Bachelor Programme
853-0205-00LProseminar I: Political Methodology Restricted registration - show details
Only for Public Policy BA
O3 credits2S
853-0064-00LMilitary Sociology IO3 credits2VT. Szvircsev Tresch, S. De Rosa, T. Ferst
First Foreign Language
853-0405-00LEnglish, Part I Restricted registration - show details
Only for Public Policy BA
O3 credits2GS. Schweizer
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