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Civil Engineering Bachelor Information
Compulsory Courses 5. Semester
Examination Block 3
101-0315-00LGeotechnical Engineering Information O5 credits4GA. Puzrin
101-0135-01LSteel Structures IIO4 credits4GR. Bärtschi
101-0415-01LPublic Transport and RailwaysO3 credits2GA. Nash, H. Orth, S. Schranil
101-0031-01LSystems EngineeringO4 credits4GB. T. Adey, C. Kielhauser
102-0293-00LHydrology Information O3 credits2GP. Burlando
Examination Block 4
101-0125-00LStructural Concrete I Information O5 credits4GW. Kaufmann
Additional Compulsory Courses
101-0007-01LProject Work Conceptual DesignO3 credits3ST. Vogel
101-0615-01LMaterials III Restricted registration - show details O4 credits4PR. J. Flatt, I. Burgert, P. Lura, H. Richner, F. Wittel
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