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Humanities, Social and Political Sciences (General Courses) Information
Military Studies
853-0037-01LMilitary Psychology and Pedagogy I (without Exercises)Z3 credits2VH. Annen
853-0063-02LMilitary History I (without Exercises)Z3 credits2VM. Olsansky
853-0082-00LStrategic Studies IZ3 credits2VM. Mantovani, M. Wyss
853-0102-00LDefense Economics IIZ3 credits2VM. M. Keupp
853-0064-00LMilitary Sociology IZ3 credits2VT. Szvircsev Tresch, S. De Rosa, T. Ferst
853-0101-02LDefense Economics IZ3 credits2VM. M. Keupp
853-0033-00LLeadership I Restricted registration - show details
For BA Public Policy and DAS Military Sceinces only.
Z3 credits2VF. Kernic, F. Demont, M. Holenweger
Specialized Continuing Education
Special internal ETH courses offered by LET and the Teaching Specialists.
999-9999-99LEduApp Course Information
This course unit is not a genuine ETH course unit. It is used by LET and the Teaching Specialists for EduApp demonstration purposes.
E-0 credits1V + 1UB. Volk
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