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Environmental Sciences Bachelor Information
Bachelor Studies (Programme Regulations 2016)
Specialization in an Environmental System
Environmental Biology
The following courses are highly recommended as preparation for the Specialization in Environmental Biology:

227-0399-10L Physiology and Anatomy for Biomedical Engineers I (Autumn semester)
551-0435-00L Systematische Biologie: Zoologie (Autumn semester)
701-0264-01L Ergänzungskurs Systematische Botanik (Spring Semester)
701-0360-00L Systematische Biologie: Pflanzen (Spring semester)
227-0398-10L Physiology and Anatomy for Biomedical Engineers II (Spring semester)

These courses should be successfully completed during the second year.
701-0323-00LPlant EcologyW3 credits2VJ. Alexander, S. P. Hart
701-0326-00LEcological and Evolutionary ApplicationsW3 credits2VJ. Jokela
701-0330-00LEvolutionary Epidemiology of Infectious DiseasesW3 credits2VJ. Koella
701-0340-00LPractical Course in Environmental BiologyO7 credits14PC. Vorburger, M. Fischer, S. P. Hart, J. Jokela
701-0909-00LSeminar Environmental Systems Restricted registration - show details
Only for Environmental Sciences BSc.
O3 credits2SB. Wehrli
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