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Environmental Sciences Master Information
Major in Human-Environment Systems
Students starting their Master programme in spring semester 2016 or later cannot choose the Major Human-Environment Systems. Students who registered for the Major Human-Environment Systems autumn semester 2015 or before can finish this Major.
Social Systems (Micro, Macro)
701-1653-00LPolicy and Economics of Ecosystem ServicesW3 credits2GA. Müller
363-0514-00LEnergy Economics and Policy
It is recommended for students to have taken a course in introductory microeconomics. If not, they should be familiar with microeconomics as in, for example,"Microeconomics" by Mankiw & Taylor and the appendices 4 and 7 of the book "Microeconomics" by Pindyck & Rubinfeld.
W3 credits2GM. Filippini
364-0576-00LAdvanced Sustainability Economics Information
PhD course, open for MSc students
W3 credits3GL. Bretschger
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