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Sport Teaching Diploma Information
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Sport Practical
The Teaching Diploma in Sport will only be granted to students holding a Master, Diploma or Licentiate degree in Sport. Additionally, a Sport Practical encompassing 50 CP's is required. The Sport Practical can be partly conducted during the Bachelor and Master programmes in Sport.
557-0104-00LAssessment III Restricted registration - show details
Only for Health Sciences and Technology students.
O2 credits2GO. Buholzer, M. Attinger, B. Bötschi, P. Lüscher Luchsinger, R. Maggi, H. A. Russheim
AbstractThe assessment prepares the conditions for the technical skills of team sports (volleyball, floor hockey, soccer, handball, basketball, badminton).
The training philosophy is based on the respective affinities of movement.
The core movements are practiced as a skill course, and completed the playing ability is trained in the group and checked.
ObjectiveThe assessment helps to provide and review of core movements (skills) and individual tactics of playing sports (volleyball, floor hockey, soccer, handball, basketball, badminton).
The students receive instructions through the training opportunities. The individual training enables them to pass the certificate examination.
Content1. To move ALONE with the ball (soccer dribbling / ball control, handball dribbling / ball control, Basketballdribbling / ball control, floor hockeydribbling / ball control, volley ball juggling)

2. To move ALONE with the ball (soccer shot, Handball shot, basketball layup, hockey goal, passing Upper, Manchette

3. To move together (in pairs) with the ball (Soccer: passing ball, ball assume (passing techniques)
Handball: Catch-bobbling (passing techniques)
Basketball: Catch-bobbling (passing techniques)
Floorball: Accept-bobbling (passing techniques)
Volleyball: acceptance and upper passing (passing techniques)

4. Playing in the group
Lecture notesThe exercises are described and explained.
The exercises will be documented as a video clip.
competence profil
Prerequisites / NoticeStudents get practical skills for the technical core movements (rough shape) of each Playing sports with as a prerequisite.
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