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Food Science Master Information
Food Biotechnology
752-5102-00LFood Fermentation BiotechnologyW3 credits2VC. Lacroix, C. Schwab, M. Stevens
752-5106-00LMeat Technology Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 40

Prerequisite: Participation in "Quality of Products of Animal Origin" (751-7800-00L, course regularly offered during the spring semester).
W1 credit1GM. Kreuzer, W.‑D. Henkel
751-7800-00LQuality of Products of Animal Origin Information W2 credits2GM. Kreuzer, K. Giller, M. Terranova
Food Chemistry
752-1022-00LSelected Topics in Food ChemistryW3 credits2GL. Nyström, T. M. Amrein, M. Erzinger
752-2310-00LPhysical Characterization of FoodW3 credits2VP. A. Fischer, R. Mezzenga
Food Microbiology
752-1202-00LFood Safety and Quality ManagementW3 credits2GT. Gude
752-3024-00LHygienic DesignW2 credits2GJ. Hofmann
752-4010-00LProblems and Solutions in Food Microbiology Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 28.

Prerequisites: It is essential to have a basic knowledge in General Microbiology and Food Microbiology. If students have not taken appropriate courses, it is strongly recommended to consult with the lecturer before attending this seminar.
W3 credits1GM. Loessner, J. Klumpp, M. Schmelcher
Food Process Design
752-3022-00LFood Factory Planning and DesignW3 credits2GP.  Beck, S. Padar
752-3024-00LHygienic DesignW2 credits2GJ. Hofmann
752-3104-00LFood Rheology IIW3 credits2GP. A. Fischer
389-5000-00LComputational Fluid Dynamics for Non-Newtonian Flows Restricted registration - show details
Does not take place this semester.
W3 credits2GE. J. Windhab
Food Sensory Science and Consumer Behaviour
752-2123-00LRisk Awareness, Risk Acceptance and TrustW3 credits2VM. Siegrist
752-2102-00LSelected Topics in Food Sensory Science Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 20.
W3 credits2VJ. Nuessli Guth
752-2110-00LMultivariate Statistical Analysis Restricted registration - show details W3 credits2VC. Hartmann, A. Bearth
752-6302-00LPhysiology of Eating Information W3 credits2VW. Langhans
Public Nutrition and Health
752-6102-00LThe Role of Food and Nutrition for Disease PreventionW3 credits2VM. Andersson
752-6104-00LNutrition for Health and DevelopmentW2 credits2VM. B. Zimmermann
752-6202-00LNutrition Case StudiesW2 credits2GJ. Baumgartner
752-6201-00LResearch Methodology in Nutrition Information W+3 credits2VI. Herter-Aeberli
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