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Biology Bachelor Information
3. Year, 5. Semester
Block Courses
Registration for Block courses is mandatory. Please register under Link. Registration period: from 23.7.2018 to 7.8.2018.
Block Courses in the 1st Half of the Semester
From 18.9.2018 13:00 hr to 2.11.2018 17:00 hr
701-2437-01LLimnoecology (incl. two Practical Courses)
The course "701-2437-01L Limnoökologie" must be booked as "BIO 309 Limnoecology" in the block course tool.
W12 credits3V + 6U + 4PJ. Jokela, P. Spaak, F. Altermatt, K. J. Räsänen, C. T. Robinson
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