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Environmental Sciences Bachelor Information
Bachelor Studies (Programme Regulations 2016)
Natural Science and Technical Electives
227-0399-10LPhysiology and Anatomy for Biomedical Engineers IW3 credits2GM. Wyss
551-0317-00LImmunology IW3 credits2VM. Kopf, A. Oxenius
752-6001-00LIntroduction to Nutritional ScienceW3 credits2VM. B. Zimmermann, C. Wolfrum
Soil Sciences
701-0533-00LSoil ChemistryW3 credits2GR. Kretzschmar, D. I. Christl
701-0535-00LEnvironmental Soil Physics/Vadose Zone HydrologyW3 credits2G + 2UD. Or
651-0032-00LGeology and PetrographyW4 credits2V + 1UC. A. Heinrich, K. Rauchenstein, M. O. Saar
651-3525-00LIntroduction to Engineering GeologyW4 credits2V + 1UM. Ziegler, K. Leith
751-3401-00LPlant Nutrition IW2 credits2VE. Frossard
Methodes of Statistical Data Analysis
401-0625-01LApplied Analysis of Variance and Experimental Design Information W5 credits2V + 1UL. Meier
401-0649-00LApplied Statistical RegressionW5 credits2V + 1UM. Dettling
401-6215-00LUsing R for Data Analysis and Graphics (Part I) Information Restricted registration - show details W1.5 credits1GM. Mächler, M. Tanadini
401-6217-00LUsing R for Data Analysis and Graphics (Part II) Information Restricted registration - show details W1.5 credits1GM. Mächler, M. Tanadini
Ecology and Conservation Biology
701-0305-00LVertebrate EcologyW2 credits2GJ. Senn, K. Bollmann
701-0405-00LFresh Water: Concepts and Methods for Sustainable Management Information W3 credits2GC. Scheidegger, C. Weber, V. Weitbrecht
701-1663-00LExploring Resilience of Tropical Forest Landscapes
Does not take place this semester.
This course will run in complement to 701-1661-00 Conservation and Development in Complex Landscapes.
W4 credits9G
551-0421-00LBiology and Ecology of Fungi in Forests Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 10.

The enrolment is done by the D-BIOL study administration.
W6 credits7GI. L. Brunner, M. Peter Baltensweiler, D. H. Rigling
751-3700-00LPlant Ecophysiology Information W2 credits2VN. Buchmann, A. Gessler, M. Gharun, A. Walter
751-4801-00LSystem-Oriented Management of Herbivore Insects IW2 credits2GD. Mazzi
Environmental Chemistry/Ecotocxicology
701-0201-00LIntroduction to Environmental Organic ChemistryW5 credits4GM. Sander, K. McNeill
701-0225-00LOrganic ChemistryW2 credits2VK. McNeill
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