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MAS in Nutrition and Health Information
Disciplinary Subjects
752-6402-00LNutrigenomicsW+3 credits2VG. Vergères
752-6105-00LEpidemiology and Prevention
Information for UZH students:
Enrolment to this course unit only possible at ETH. No enrolment to module CS16_101 at UZH.

Please mind the ETH enrolment deadlines for UZH students: Link
W+3 credits2VM. Puhan, R. Heusser
752-2307-00LNutritional Aspects of Food Composition and Processing Information W+3 credits2VB. E. Baumer, J. M. Sych
752-6301-00LSelected Topics in Physiology Related to NutritionW+3 credits2VW. Langhans
766-6205-00LNutrient Analysis in Foods Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 15.
Permission from lecturers required for all students.
W+3 credits3UM. B. Zimmermann, H. C. Winkler
752-6101-00LDietary Etiologies of Chronic DiseaseW3 credits2VM. B. Zimmermann
752-6403-00LNutrition and PerformanceW+2 credits2VS. Mettler, M. B. Zimmermann
752-2122-00LFood and Consumer BehaviourW2 credits2VM. Siegrist, C. Hartmann
752-0801-00LFood Law and LegislationW1 credit1VC. Spinner, E. Zbinden Kaessner
752-5103-00LFunctional Microorganisms in Foods Restricted registration - show details W3 credits2GC. Lacroix, A. Geirnaert, L. Meile, C. Schwab
752-5111-00LGene Technology in FoodsW3 credits2VL. Meile
551-0317-00LImmunology IW3 credits2VM. Kopf, A. Oxenius
752-6151-00LPublic Health ConceptsW+3 credits2VR. Heusser
Master's Thesis
766-6500-00LMAS Master's Thesis Restricted registration - show details
Only for MAS in Nutrition and Health.
O20 credits43DLecturers
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