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Materials Science Master Information
Core Courses
327-0505-00LSurfaces, Interfaces and their Applications I Information W3 credits2V + 1UN. Spencer, M. P. Heuberger, L. Isa
327-1201-00LTransport Phenomena I Information W Dr5 credits4GH. C. Öttinger
327-1202-00LSolid State Physics and Chemistry of Materials I Information W Dr5 credits4GN. Spaldin
327-1203-00LComplex Materials I: Synthesis & AssemblyW Dr5 credits4GM. Niederberger, D. Kundu, A. Lauria
327-1204-00LMaterials at Work IW Dr4 credits4SR. Spolenak, E. Dufresne, R. Koopmans
327-1207-00LEngineering with Soft MaterialsW Dr5 credits4GJ. Vermant, L. Isa
Elective Courses
The students are free to choose individually from the entire course offer of ETH Zürich on the Master level. Please consult the study administration in case of questions.
327-2103-00LAdvanced Composite and Adaptive Material SystemsW4 credits2V + 2UG. P. Terrasi, F. J. Clemens
327-4101-00LDurability of Engineering MaterialsW2 credits2GJ. M. Wheeler
327-2105-00LSupramolecular Aspects of PolymersW2 credits1GP. J. Walde
327-1221-00LBiological and Bio-Inspired Materials Information
Students that already enroled in this course during their Bachelor's degree studies are not allowed to enrol again in their Master's.
W Dr4 credits3GA. R. Studart, I. Burgert, E. Cabane, R. Nicolosi Libanori
327-2132-00LMultifunctional Ferroic Materials: Growth, Characterisation, SimulationW2 credits2GM. Trassin, M. Fiebig
327-2127-00LSustainable Materials Management: Concepts, Methods and PrinciplesW2 credits1V + 1UP. Wäger, R. Widmer
327-0702-00LEM-Practical Course in Materials ScienceW2 credits4PK. Kunze, S. Gerstl, F. Gramm, F. Krumeich, J. Reuteler
327-0703-00LElectron Microscopy in Material ScienceW4 credits2V + 2UK. Kunze, R. Erni, S. Gerstl, F. Gramm, A. Käch, F. Krumeich, M. Willinger
327-2125-00LMicroscopy Training SEM I - Introduction to SEM Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited. In case of overbooking, the course will be repeated once.

Master students will have priority over PhD students. PhD students may still enrol, but will be asked for a fee (Link).

SEM1 registration form: Link ).
W2 credits3PK. Kunze, A. G. Bittermann, L. Grafulha Morales, J. Reuteler
327-2126-00LMicroscopy Training TEM I - Introduction to TEM Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited.In case of overbooking, the course could be repeated once.

Master students will have priority over PhD students. PhD students may still enroll, but will be asked for a fee (Link.
TEM1 registration form: Link).
W2 credits3PM. Willinger, E. J. Barthazy Meier, A. G. Bittermann, F. Gramm
Does not take place this semester.
W2 credits2V
327-0811-00LIndustrial Research and Development at the Interface of Biomaterials and Drug Delivery
Does not take place this semester.
W Dr1 credit1V
402-0809-00LIntroduction to Computational PhysicsW8 credits2V + 2UH. J. Herrmann
151-0605-00LNanosystemsW4 credits4GA. Stemmer
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