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Civil Engineering Master Information
2. Semester
Major Courses
Major in Structural Engineering
101-0138-00LBridge DesignW6 credits4GT. Vogel, M. Fontana
101-0148-01LBuilding StructuresW3 credits2GA. Frangi, C. Galmarini
101-0158-01LMethod of Finite Elements IW4 credits2GE. Chatzi, P. Steffen
101-0168-00LTimber Structures I
Timber Structures I (FS) und Timber Structures II (HS) will be offred only together as a year course.
W3 credits2GA. Frangi
051-0552-00LEnergy- and Climate Systems II Information
Expiring study program according to BSc 2011 regulations.
W2 credits2GA. Schlüter, D. Tschudy
101-0188-00LSeismic Design of Structures IW3 credits2GB. Stojadinovic
101-0008-00LIdentification Methods for Structural Systems Information
Does not take place this semester.
W3 credits2GE. Chatzi, V. Ntertimanis
101-0178-01LUncertainty Quantification in Engineering Information W3 credits2GB. Sudret, S. Marelli
101-0179-00LProbabilistic Seismic Risk Analysis and Management for Civil SystemsW3 credits2GM. Broccardo, B. J. Bergmann, S. Esposito, P. Galanis
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