Suchergebnis: Lerneinheiten im Frühjahrssemester 2018

Nuclear Engineering Master Information
2. Semester
151-0156-00LSafety of Nuclear Power Plants Information O4 KP2V + 1UH.‑M. Prasser, V. Dang, L. Podofillini
151-0160-00LNuclear Energy SystemsO4 KP2V + 1UH.‑M. Prasser, I. Günther-Leopold, W. Hummel, P. K. Zuidema
151-2017-00LNuclear Fuels and MaterialsO4 KP3GM. A. Pouchon, P. J.‑P. Spätig
151-0166-00LSpecial Topics in Reactor PhysicsW4 KP3GS. Pelloni, K. Mikityuk, A. Pautz
151-0170-00LComputational Multiphase Thermal Fluid DynamicsW4 KP2V + 1UH.‑M. Prasser, A. Dehbi, B. Niceno
151-0280-00LAdvanced Techniques for the Risk Analysis of Technical Systems Information W4 KP2V + 1UG. Sansavini
151-0966-00LIntroduction to Quantum Mechanics for EngineersW4 KP2V + 2UD. J. Norris
151-1906-00LMultiphase FlowW4 KP3GH.‑M. Prasser
151-2005-00LElective Project Nuclear Engineering Belegung eingeschränkt - Details anzeigen
Only for Nuclear Enginering MSc.

The subject of the Elective Project and the choice of the supervisor (ETH or EPFL professor) are to be approved in advance by the tutor.
W8 KP17AProfessor/innen
151-2016-00LRadiation-Based Imaging Methods for Nuclear and Industrial ApplicationsW4 KP2V + 1UH.‑M. Prasser, R. Adams
227-0948-00LMagnetic Resonance Imaging in MedicineW4 KP3GS. Kozerke, M. Weiger Senften
227-0967-00LComputational Neuroimaging Clinic Information W3 KP2VK. Stephan
227-0968-00LMonte Carlo in Medical PhysicsW4 KP3GM. Stampanoni, M. K. Fix
402-0342-00LMedical Physics IIW6 KP2V + 1UP. Manser
402-0343-00LPhysics Against Cancer: The Physics of Imaging and Treating CancerW6 KP2V + 1UA. J. Lomax, U. Schneider
402-0604-00LMaterials Analysis by Nuclear Techniques Information W6 KP2V + 1UM. Doebeli
402-0787-00LTherapeutic Applications of Particle Physics: Principles and Practice of Particle TherapyW6 KP2V + 1UA. J. Lomax
529-0191-01LRenewable Energy Technologies II, Energy Storage and Conversion
Die Vorlesungen Renewable Energy Technologies I (529-0193-00L) und Renewable Energy Technologies II (529-0191-01L) können unabhängig voneinander besucht werden.
W4 KP3GT. Schmidt, L. Gubler
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