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Doctoral Department of Chemistry and Applied Biosciences Information
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Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Courses
Doctoral Studies in Physical Chemistry
402-0551-00LLaser SeminarE-0 credits1ST. Esslinger, J. Faist, J. Home, A. Imamoglu, U. Keller, F. Merkt, H. J. Wörner
529-0427-00LElectron Spectroscopy Restricted registration - show details W1 credit2SF. Merkt
529-0460-00LComputer SimulationE-0 credits1SP. H. Hünenberger, S. Riniker
529-0474-00LQuantum ChemistryW6 credits3GM. Reiher, T. Weymuth
529-0490-00LSpecial Topics in Theoretical ChemistryE-0 credits1SM. Reiher
529-0491-00LSeminar in Computational Chemistry C4E-0 credits2SM. Reiher, P. H. Hünenberger, S. Riniker
529-0479-00LTheoretical Chemistry, Molecular Spectroscopy and DynamicsW1 credit2SF. Merkt, M. Quack, M. Reiher, J. Richardson, R. Signorell, H. J. Wörner
529-0480-00LNuclear Magnetic Resonance Seminar Restricted registration - show details E-0 credits2SB. H. Meier
529-0495-00LSeminar on Special Problems in Physical ChemistryW1 credit3SM. Quack
529-0499-00LPhysical ChemistryW1 credit1KB. H. Meier, M. Ernst, P. H. Hünenberger, G. Jeschke, F. Merkt, M. Reiher, J. Richardson, R. Riek, S. Riniker, T. Schmidt, R. Signorell, H. J. Wörner
529-0462-00LCold Molecules: Methods and ApplicationsZ1 credit1VS. Hogan
529-0484-00LInstrumentation and Measurement Restricted registration - show details W2 credits2PB. H. Meier
529-0477-00LMolecular Quantum Dynamics Restricted registration - show details Z0 credits1VR. Marquardt
529-0470-00LLiterature Seminar in Theoretical Chemistry Information Z0 credits2SM. Reiher
529-0809-00LTheoretical Chemistry Seminar Information E-0 credits2SM. Reiher, J. Richardson
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