Suchergebnis: Lerneinheiten im Frühjahrssemester 2018

Materialwissenschaft Master Information
Den Studierenden steht das gesamte Lehrangebot der ETH Zürich auf Master-Stufe zur Auswahl offen. Bitte wenden Sie sich bei Unklarheiten ans Studiensekretariat.
327-0613-00LComputer Applications: Finite Elements in Solids and Structures Information
The course will only take place if at least 7 students are enrolled.
W4 KP2V + 2UA. Gusev
327-2104-00LInorganic Thin Films: Processing, Properties and ApplicationsW2 KP2GT. Lippert, C. Schneider
327-2125-00LMicroscopy Training SEM I - Introduction to SEM Belegung eingeschränkt - Details anzeigen
The number of seats is limited. In case of overbooking, the course will be repeated on the 11.06.-15.06.2018.

Master students will have priority over PhD students. PhD students may still enroll, but will be asked for a fee (Link).
W2 KP3PS. Rodighiero, A. G. Bittermann, L. Grafulha Morales, K. Kunze, J. Reuteler
327-2126-00LMicroscopy Training TEM I - Introduction to TEM Belegung eingeschränkt - Details anzeigen
Number of participants limited to 6. Master students will have priority over PhD students. PhD students may still enroll, but will be asked for a fee (Link).
W2 KP3PS. Rodighiero, E. J. Barthazy Meier, A. G. Bittermann, F. Gramm, C. Zaubitzer
327-2130-00LIntroducing Photons, Neutrons and Muons for Materials Characterisation Belegung eingeschränkt - Details anzeigen
Findet dieses Semester nicht statt.
W4 KP6GL. Heyderman
327-2134-00LIntroduction to MetamaterialsW Dr2 KP2GH. Galinski
327-2135-00LAdvanced Analytical TEM Belegung eingeschränkt - Details anzeigen W Dr2 KP3GA. Sologubenko, R. Erni, R. Schäublin
327-2221-00LAdvanced Surface Characterisation TechniquesW4 KP2V + 2UA. Rossi Elsener-Rossi
327-2222-00LSoft Materials: from Fundamentals to Applications Information W3 KP2V + 1UL. Isa
327-2133-00LAdvanced Joining TechnologiesW3 KP3GL. Da Silva Duarte
327-4105-00LIntegrity of Materials and StructuresW4 KP2V + 2UM. Roth, M.  Barbezat, T. Graule
327-5102-00LMolecular and Materials Modelling Information W4 KP2V + 2UD. Passerone, C. Pignedoli
327-2223-00LAtomic Force Microscopy in Materials Science Belegung eingeschränkt - Details anzeigen
Maximale Teilnehmerzahl: 18
W4 KP6GN. Burnham, N. Spencer
327-2224-00LMaP Distinguished Lecture Series on Additive Manufacturing
Findet dieses Semester nicht statt.
This course is primarily designed for MSc and doctoral students. Guests are welcome.
W Dr1 KP2SM. Meboldt, A. R. Studart
151-0060-00LThermodynamics and Energy Conversion in Micro- and Nanoscale TechnologiesW4 KP2V + 2UD. Poulikakos, H. Eghlidi, T. Schutzius
151-0622-00LMeasuring on the Nanometer ScaleW2 KP2GA. Stemmer, T. Wagner
151-0520-00LComputational Multiscale Modeling Information W4 KP3GD. Kochmann
376-1614-00LPrinciples in Tissue EngineeringW3 KP2VK. Maniura, J. Möller, M. Zenobi-Wong
402-0468-15LNanomaterials for PhotonicsW6 KP2V + 1UR. Grange
402-0558-00LCrystal Optics in Intense Light FieldsW6 KP2V + 1UM. Fiebig
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