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Environmental Sciences Master Information
Transdisziplinary Case Studies
701-1502-00LTransdisciplinary Case Study Information Restricted registration - show details
The number of participants is limited. Students have to apply for this course by sending a two-page motivation letter (why are you interested? what do you want to learn? what can you contribute?) to Link and Link (latest by 15 January 2018).

Additionally please enroll via mystudies. Please note that all students are put on the waiting list and that your current position on the waiting list is irrelevant, as places will be assigned on the basis of your motivation letter.

Important: for students in Agricultural Sciences, the case study can replace the compulsory course 751-1000-00L Interdisciplinary Project Work!
W7 credits15PM. Stauffacher, P. Krütli
701-1504-00LWinter School "Perspectives on daylight for the environment, health and architecture"
Does not take place this semester.
W2 credits4GB. Wehrli
101-0588-02LGrounded Materials Restricted registration - show details
Maximal 4 Studenten pro Departement:
D-GESS (nur Science, Technology and Policy MSc)
W4 credits6GG. Habert
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