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Computational Science and Engineering TC Information
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Subject Didactics and Professional Training
Important: You can only enrol in the courses of this category if you have not more than 12 CP left for possible additional requirements.
401-9908-00LTeaching Internship Including Examination Lessons Computational Science and Engineering Information Restricted registration - show details
Teaching Internship Computational Science and Engineering for TC.

Only for students who enrolled from HS 2011 on into TC.

The teaching internship can just be visited if all other courses of TC are completed.
Repetition of the teaching internship is excluded even if the examination lessons are to be repeated.
W6 credits13PJ. Hromkovic, G. Serafini
401-9901-00LMentored Work Subject Didactics Computational Science and Engineering Restricted registration - show details W2 credits4AJ. Hromkovic, G. Serafini
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