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Chemical Engineering Bachelor Information
2. Semester
Compulsory Subjects First Year Examinations
529-0012-02LGeneral Chemistry (Inorganic Chemistry) IIO4 credits3V + 1UH. Grützmacher, W. Uhlig
529-0012-03LGeneral Chemistry (Organic Chemistry) IIO4 credits3V + 1UP. Chen
529-0012-01LPhysical Chemistry I: Thermodynamics Information O4 credits3V + 1UF. Merkt
551-0016-00LBiology II Information O2 credits2VM. Stoffel, E. Hafen, K. Köhler
401-0272-00LMathematical Foundations I: Analysis BO3 credits2V + 1UL. Kobel-Keller
401-0622-00LMathematical Foundations II: Linear Algebra and Statistics Information O3 credits2V + 1UM. Dettling
Laboratory Courses
529-0230-00LInorganic and Organic Chemistry I Restricted registration - show details
Enrolment only possible up to the beginning of the semester.
O8 credits12PJ. W. Bode, M. Jackl, V. R. Pattabiraman
4. Semester
Compulsory Subjects Examination Block I
529-0122-00LInorganic Chemistry IIO3 credits3GM. Kovalenko
529-0222-00LOrganic Chemistry IIO3 credits2V + 1UJ. W. Bode, A. Fedorov
529-0431-00LPhysical Chemistry III: Molecular Quantum Mechanics Restricted registration - show details O4 credits4GB. H. Meier, M. Ernst
402-0044-00LPhysics IIO4 credits3VT. Esslinger
529-0058-00LAnalytical Chemistry IIO3 credits3GD. Günther, T. Bucheli, M.‑O. Ebert, P. Lienemann, G. Schwarz
529-0625-00LChemical EngineeringO3 credits3GW. J. Stark
Laboratory Courses
529-0054-00LPhysical and Analytical ChemistryO10 credits15PE. C. Meister, R. Zenobi, M. Badertscher, M.‑O. Ebert, B. Hattendorf
6. Semester
Compulsory Subjects
Examination Block Catalysis and Heterogeneous Process Engineering
Will be offered the last time during spring semester 2018.
O4 credits3GJ. A. van Bokhoven, M. Ranocchiari
529-0633-00LHeterogeneous Reaction EngineeringO4 credits3GJ. Pérez-Ramírez, C. Mondelli
151-0926-00LSeparation Process Technology IO4 credits3GM. Mazzotti
Examination Block Process Engineering
529-0580-00LSafety, Environmental Aspects and Risk Management
LE wird ab FS 18 unter neuem Titel (vorher Risikoanalyse chemischer Prozesse und Produkte) und von neuen Dozierenden (vorher Prof. Hungerbühler) angeboten.
O4 credits3GS. Kiesewetter, K. Timmel
529-0031-00LChemical Process ControlO3 credits3GR. Grass
151-0940-00LModelling and Mathematical Methods in Process and Chemical EngineeringO4 credits3GM. Mazzotti
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