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Pharmaceutical Sciences Bachelor Information
First Year
First Year Examinations
535-0002-00LIntroduction to Pharmaceutical Sciences IIO3 credits2VC. Halin Winter, K.‑H. Altmann, S. M. Ametamey, M. Detmar, J. Hall, S.‑D. Krämer, J.‑C. Leroux, D. Neri, U. Quitterer, R. Schibli, G. Schneider, H. U. Zeilhofer
401-0292-00LMathematics II Information O5 credits3V + 2UA. Caspar
529-1012-00LOrganic Chemistry II (for Students of Biology, Pharmaceutical Sci., and Health Sci. & Tech.)O5 credits5GC. Thilgen
551-0106-00LFundamentals of Biology IBO5 credits5GS. C. Zeeman, J. Levine, O. Y. Martin, M. Stoffel, G. Velicer, A. Wutz
402-0072-00LPhysicsO5 credits5V + 2UT. M. Ihn
401-0643-00LStatistics I Information O3 credits2V + 1UM. Kalisch
Additional First Year Courses
551-0102-01LFundamentals of Biology I Restricted registration - show details
Registrations via myStudies until 31.1.2018 at the latest. Subsequent registrations will not be considered.
O6 credits8PP. Kallio, M. Künzler, T. A. Beyer, M. Gstaiger, M. Kopf, R. Kroschewski, D. Ramseier, M. Stoffel, E. B. Truernit, A. Wutz, further lecturers
Second Year
Second Year Core Subjects
529-1024-00LPhysical Chemistry II (for Biology and Pharmacy)O4 credits2V + 1UR. Riek
551-0108-00LFundamentals of Biology II: Plant BiologyO2 credits2VW. Gruissem, O. Voinnet, S. C. Zeeman
551-0110-00LFundamentals of Biology II: MicrobiologyO2 credits2VJ. Vorholt-Zambelli, W.‑D. Hardt, J. Piel
701-0360-00LSystematic Biology: Plants Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants is limited to 150

For students for whom this course is mandatory or highly recommended (study programmes in BSc Pharmaceutical Sciences, BSc Biology, BSc Environmental Sciences and teaching certificate Biology) will be accepted. Students who enroll this course as an elective will be accepted if places are available.
O5 credits2V + 3PA. Leuchtmann
535-0224-00LPharmaceutical Analytics IIO3 credits3GC. Steuer
376-0152-00LAnatomy and Physiology II Information O5 credits4VM. Ristow, K. De Bock, A. Oxenius, L. Slomianka, C. Spengler
376-0153-00LHistology Information O2 credits2GD. P. Wolfer, I. Amrein, L. Slomianka
Second Year Laboratory Courses
551-0104-00LFundamentals of Biology II Restricted registration - show details
Registrations via myStudies until 31.1.2018 at the latest. Subsequent registrations will not be considered.
O8 credits8PP. Kallio, L. Maddaluno, E. Dultz, C. H. Giese, W. Kovacs, W. Krek, D. Santelia, H. Stocker, U. Suter, S. Werner
529-0430-00LPractical Course Physical Chemistry (for Biol./Pharm.Sci.)O3 credits4PE. C. Meister
376-1156-00LPhysiologyO1 credit1PC. Spengler
Third Year
Third Year Core Subjects
535-0135-00LClinical Chemistry IO1 credit1VM. Hersberger
535-0231-00LMedicinal Chemistry IIO2 credits2VJ. Hall
535-0241-03LBiopharmacyO3 credits3VS.‑D. Krämer
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