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Agrarwissenschaften Master Information
Master-Studium (Studienreglement 2016)
Safety and Quality in Agri-Food Chain
751-6001-00LForum: Livestock in the World Food SystemW2 KP1SM. Kreuzer, S. M. Bernal Ulloa, R. Mandel, E. Mandel, S. Neuenschwander
751-4203-00LHorticultural Science: Case Studies (HS) Belegung eingeschränkt - Details anzeigen
Maximale Teilnehmerzahl: 24
W2 KP2GL. Bertschinger, J. Rösti, V. J. U. Zufferey
752-2122-00LFood and Consumer BehaviourW2 KP2VM. Siegrist, C. Hartmann
752-5111-00LGene Technology in FoodsW3 KP2VL. Meile
752-2307-00LNutritional Aspects of Food Composition and Processing Information W3 KP2VB. E. Baumer, J. M. Sych
751-0021-00LWorld Food System Summer School (HS) Belegung eingeschränkt - Details anzeigen
Please note: A strictly limited number of places are available in this program. Participation is based on selection through a competitive application process, which is also open to students outside of ETH Zurich. Details of the application process are available at Link

It is necessary to apply and be selected in order to participate in this course. This also applies to ETH Zurich applicants, they will go through a competitive selection process and are not guaranteed a place simply by signing up for the course.

Further information available: Link
W4 KP6PM. Grant
751-6129-00LPractical Course EpigeneticsW3 KP6PS. E. Ulbrich
751-6127-00LPractical Course in Microscopy of Functional HistologyW3 KP6PS. E. Ulbrich
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