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Civil Engineering Master Information
3. Semester
Major Courses
Major in Structural Engineering
101-0119-00LStructural Masonry Information W3 credits2GN. Mojsilovic
101-0129-00LExisting StructuresW3 credits2GT. Vogel
101-0149-00LPlate and Shell StructuresW3 credits2GT. Vogel, S. Fricker
101-0159-00LMethod of Finite Elements IIW3 credits2GE. Chatzi, G. Abbiati, K. Agathos
101-0169-00LTimber Structures II Restricted registration - show details
Prerequisite: Timber Structures I (101-0168-00L)
W3 credits2GA. Frangi, R. Jockwer, M. Klippel, R. Steiger
101-0189-00LSeismic Design of Structures IIW3 credits2GB. Stojadinovic
101-0179-00LProbabilistic Seismic Risk Analysis and Management for Civil Systems
Does not take place this semester.
W3 credits2GB. Stojadinovic, to be announced
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