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Civil Engineering Master Information
1. Semester
Major Courses
Major in Transport Systems
101-0427-01LPublic Transport Design and Operations
Former title until HS16 "System- und Netzplanung ".
O6 credits4GF. Corman, V. De Martinis
101-0437-00LTraffic EngineeringO6 credits4GM. Menendez
101-0417-00LTransport Planning MethodsW6 credits4GK. W. Axhausen
401-0647-00LIntroduction to Mathematical Optimization Information W5 credits2V + 1UD. Adjiashvili
103-0317-00LSustainable Spatial Development I
Only for master students, otherwise a special permisson by the lecturer is required.
W3 credits2GB. Scholl
101-0499-00LBasics of Air Transport (Aviation I)
Hinweis: alter Titel bis HS16 "Grundlagen der Luftfahrt"
W4 credits3GP. Wild
101-0491-01LAgent Based Modeling in Transportation (Additional JAVA Exercises)
Recommended for students without JAVA skills in addition to LE 101-0491-00L Agent Based Modeling in Transportation.
W3 credits2UM. Balac, T. J. P. Dubernet
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