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Food Science Bachelor Information
Electives (ONLY for Programme Regulations 2016)
A list with possible electives will be published separately.
529-0557-00LChemical Engineering ThermodynamicsW4 credits3GA. Butté
551-1003-00LMethods of Biological Analysis Information W3 credits3GR. Aebersold, M. Badertscher, K. Weis
701-0245-00LIntroduction to Evolutionary BiologyW2 credits2VG. Velicer, S. Wielgoss
327-1221-00LBiological and Bio-Inspired Materials Information
Students that already enroled in this course during their Bachelor's degree studies are not allowed to enrol again in their Master's.
W3 credits3GA. R. Studart, I. Burgert, E. Cabane, R. Nicolosi Libanori
529-1100-00LFragrance Chemistry
Does not take place this semester.
W1 credit1V
535-0001-00LIntroduction to Pharmaceutical Sciences IW2 credits2VC. Halin Winter, K.‑H. Altmann, S. M. Ametamey, M. Detmar, B. A. Gander, J. Hall, J.‑C. Leroux, C. Müller, D. Neri, U. Quitterer, R. Schibli, G. Schneider, H. U. Zeilhofer
535-0230-00LMedicinal Chemistry IW2 credits2VJ. Hall
851-0626-01LInternational Aid and Development Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 40

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of economics
W2 credits2VI. Günther
363-1027-00LIntroduction to Health Economics and PolicyW3 credits2VW. Mimra
363-0387-00LCorporate SustainabilityW3 credits2GV. Hoffmann
701-0985-00LSocial Intercourse with Current Environmental RisksW1 credit1VB. Nowack, C. M. Som-Koller
853-0723-00LIntroduction to Torts, Contracts and Insurance Law Restricted registration - show details W3 credits2VC. von Zedtwitz
860-0023-00LInternational Environmental Politics
Particularly suitable for students of D-ITET, D-USYS
W3 credits2VT. Bernauer
701-0763-00LBasic Concepts of ManagementW2 credits2VR. Schwarzenbach
851-0735-10LBusiness Law Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 100

Particularly suitable for students of D-ITET, D-MAVT
W2 credits2VP. Peyrot
101-0515-00LProject ManagementW2 credits2GC. G. C. Marxt
151-0757-00LEnvironmental ManagementW2 credits2GR. Züst
851-0180-00LResearch Ethics Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 40

Particularly suitable for students of D-BIOL, D-CHAB, D-HEST
W2 credits2GG. Achermann
363-0453-00LStrategic Supply Chain ManagementW3 credits2GS. Wagner
535-0667-00LCommunication and Social CompetencesW1 credit1VJ. Stadelwieser
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