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Environmental Sciences Bachelor Information
Bachelor Studies (Programme Regulations 2011)
Weitere Fächer des Basisjahrs
701-0264-01LSupplementary Course Systematic Botany Restricted registration - show details W1 credit2PA. Leuchtmann
751-0270-00LSystematics and Ecology of Alge and FungiW2 credits2GM. Maurhofer Bringolf
Basic Courses II
Examination Blocks
Examination Block 1
402-0062-00LPhysics IO5 credits3V + 1UA. Vaterlaus, G. Feldman
Examination Block 2
401-0624-00LMathematics IV: StatisticsO4 credits2V + 1UD. Stekhoven
701-0352-00LAnalysis and Assessment of Environmental SustainabilityO6 credits4GC. E. Pohl, R. Frischknecht, H. R. Heinimann, A. Hilbeck
Additional Compulsory Courses
252-0840-01LIntroductory Programming in MATLAB Information W2 credits2GT. Hruz
701-0220-00LBasic Practical in Microbiology Restricted registration - show details
Only for BSc Environmental Sciences.

Registration is necessary until three weeks before course begins (30.01.2017). After that date a place cannot be garanteed.
O2 credits3PM. Ackermann, F. Hammes, D. R. Johnson
701-0034-06LIntegrated Practical: Soil Restricted registration - show details W1.5 credits3PR. Kretzschmar, D. Or, R. Schulin, L. Walthert
701-0034-07LIntegrated Practical: Electromagnetic Fields Restricted registration - show details W1.5 credits3PM. Röösli, M. R. Eeftens
701-0034-08LIntegrated Practical: Forest Ecosystems Restricted registration - show details W1.5 credits3PH. Bugmann, P. Rotach, T. N. Sieber
701-0034-09LIntegrated Practical: Analysis of Conflicts in Species Conservation Information Restricted registration - show details W1.5 credits3PP. Waeber, A. Giger Dray
701-0034-10LIntegrated Practical: Environmental Impacts of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) Information Restricted registration - show details W1.5 credits3PA. Hilbeck, B.  Oehen
701-0034-12LIntegrated Practical: Plant Ecology: From Theory to Practice Restricted registration - show details W1.5 credits3PS. Güsewell
701-0034-13LIntegrated Practical: Tropical Diseases in the North-South Context Restricted registration - show details W1.5 credits3PJ. M. Utzinger, G. Raso
701-0034-14LIntegrated Practical: Analysis of Urban Food Systems Information Restricted registration - show details W1.5 credits3PH. Moschitz
701-0034-15LIntegrated Practical: Aquatic Ecology Restricted registration - show details W1.5 credits3PJ. Jokela, C. T. Robinson
701-0034-16LIntegrated Practical: Novel Ecosystems in Cities Information Restricted registration - show details W1.5 credits3PC. Küffer Schumacher
701-0034-17LConcluding Days Integrated Practicals: Sustainable Management of Cultural Landscapes Information Restricted registration - show details O1 credit2PA. Hilbeck, A. Lüscher
701-0034-18LIntegrated Practical: Nutrient Flows in Agroecosystems Restricted registration - show details W1.5 credits3PE. K. Bünemann König
Social Sciences and Humanities Module
Module Economics
Compulsory Courses
701-0729-00LSocial Research MethodsW2 credits2GM. Stauffacher, C. Hartmann, H. Mieg
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