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History and Philosophy of Knowledge Master Information
Basic Courses
Lectures and Exercises
851-0101-01LIntroduction to Practical Philosophy
Particularly suitable for students of D-MAVT, D-MATL
W3 credits2GL. Wingert
853-0726-00LHistory II: Global (Anti-Imperialism and Decolonisation, 1905-1975)W3 credits2VH. Fischer-Tiné
851-0125-45LIntroduction to the Philosophy of ChemistryW3 credits2GR. Prentner
851-0551-04LHistory of ETHW3 credits2VD. Gugerli
851-0300-71LFantastic Literature and Occult Knowledge
Information for UZH students:
Enrolment to this course unit only possible at ETH. No enrolment to module 550cm0 and 167c at UZH.

Please mind the ETH enrolment deadlines for UZH students: Link
W3 credits2VA. Kilcher
851-0125-51LPhilosophy of Technology: Man and Machine
Particularly suitable for students of D-CHAB, D-HEST, D-MAVT, D-MATL
W3 credits2GM. Hampe, D. A. Strassberg
851-0125-64LEnvironmental Philosophy
Does not take place this semester.
W3 credits2Vnot available
851-0157-49LWhat is life? Introdution Into the History of the Life SciencesW3 credits2VM. Hagner
851-0125-65LA Sampler of Histories and Philosophies of Mathematics
Particularly suitable for students D-CHAB, D-INFK, D-ITET, D-MATH, D-PHYS
W3 credits2VR. Wagner
851-0301-06LKnowledge of Resentment - Anti-Jewish Textual and Visual TraditionsW3 credits2VH.‑J. Hahn
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