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Earth Sciences Bachelor Information
Bachelor Studies (Programme Regulations 2016)
Basic Courses I
First Year Examinations
529-2002-02LChemistry IIO5 credits2V + 2UW. Uhlig, J. E. E. Buschmann, S. Canonica, P. Funck, H. Grützmacher, E. C. Meister, R. Verel
401-0252-00LMathematics II Information O7 credits5V + 2UA. Cannas da Silva
651-3078-00LGeology of SwitzerlandO2 credits2VP. Brack
651-3002-00LDynamic Earth IIO5 credits2V + 2UJ.‑P. Burg, S. Willett, M. Lupker
First Year Additional Compulsory Courses
651-3982-00LGeological Field Course I Restricted registration - show details
Prerequisites: participation in Dynamic Earth I+II (651-3001-00L and 651-3002-00L) and Geology of Switzerland (651-3078-00L).

Important information with pre-field course meeting see learning materials
O2 credits3PP. Brack, further lecturers
651-3002-01LEarth Science Excursions I Information O1 credit2PM. W. Schmidt, P. Brack, N. Mancktelow, E. Reusser
Basic Courses II
Examination Block 1
402-0062-00LPhysics IO5 credits3V + 1UA. Vaterlaus, G. Feldman
General Courses in Earth Sciences
651-3321-00LInterpretation of Geological Maps IO2 credits2PM. Frehner
651-3600-00LMicroscopy of Rocks Fundamentals Restricted registration - show details
Only for Earth Sciences BSc, Programme Regulations 2016.

Course with required attendance. Unexcused absence can lead to exclusion from the course.
O2 credits2PM. W. Schmidt, M. G. Fellin
GESS Science in Perspective
Science in Perspective
» Recommended Science in Perspective (Type B) for D-ERDW
» see Science in Perspective: Type A: Enhancement of Reflection Capability
Language Courses
» see Science in Perspective: Language Courses ETH/UZH
Bachelor Studies (Programme Regulations 2010)
4. Semester
General Courses in Earth Sciences
The general courses in Earth Sciences are offered in the 3rd and 4th semester. 35 credits of totally 44 credits have to be acquired.
651-3660-00LAnalysis of Time Series in Environmental Physics and Geophysics
Course will be redesigned after FS17 and offered again in HS18 or FS19.
W3 credits2GA. Obermann, F. Haslinger
401-0624-00LMathematics IV: StatisticsW4 credits2V + 1UD. Stekhoven
Course will no longer take place after FS17.
W+3 credits2VM. Schönbächler, D. Vance
651-3402-00LMagmatism and Volcanism Information
Course will no longer take place after FS17.
W+4 credits2V + 1UP. Ulmer
651-3420-00LPalaeontology and BiostratigraphyW+3 credits2GH. Bucher, M.  Hautmann, C. Klug, E. Schneebeli-Hermann
651-3422-00LStructural Geology Information W+3 credits2VJ.‑P. Burg, N. Mancktelow
651-3424-00LSedimentologyW+3 credits2GA. Gilli
252-0840-01LIntroductory Programming in MATLAB Information W2 credits2GT. Hruz
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