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Mechanical Engineering Bachelor Information
1. Semester
Registration for the exercises via the application Link with your nETHz login (username, password).
First Year Examinations: Compulsory Courses
401-0261-G0LAnalysis IO8 credits5V + 3UA. Steiger
401-0171-00LLinear Algebra IO3 credits2V + 1UN. Hungerbühler
151-0501-00LMechanics 1: Kinematics and StaticsO5 credits3V + 2UE. Mazza
151-0711-00LEngineering Materials and Production IO4 credits4GK. Wegener
151-0301-00LMachine ElementsO2 credits1V + 1UM. Meboldt, Q. Lohmeyer
529-0010-00LChemistryO3 credits2V + 1UC. Mondelli, A. de Mello
Additional First Year Courses
151-0321-00LTechnical Drawing and CAD Restricted registration - show details
Only for Mechanical Engineering BSc.
O4 credits4GK. Shea
First Year Optional Colloquia
151-0501-02LMechanics 1: Kinematics and Statics (Colloquium)Z0 credits1KE. Mazza
3. Semester
Compulsory Courses
Examination Block 1
401-0363-10LAnalysis IIIO3 credits2V + 1UM. Soner
151-0503-00LDynamicsO6 credits4V + 2UG. Haller, P. Tiso
151-0303-00LDimensioning I Information O3 credits3GP. Hora, K. Wegener
151-0051-00LThermodynamics IO4 credits2V + 2UD. Poulikakos
151-0591-00LControl Systems IO4 credits2V + 2UE. Frazzoli
Examination Block 2
402-0033-10LPhysics IO6 credits4V + 2UW. Wegscheider
Engineering Tools II
The participation at the Engineering Tools course is mandatory. If you miss any classes, no credit points will be awarded. For exemptions you have to contact the lecturer of the course.
151-0021-00LEngineering Tool II: Introduction to MATLAB Information Restricted registration - show details
The Engineering Tool course is for MAVT-Bachelor students only.
O0.4 credits1KB. Berisha, P. Hora
5. Semester
Compulsory Courses Examination Block 3
151-0261-00LThermodynamics IIIO3 credits2V + 1UR. S. Abhari, A. Steinfeld
151-0103-00LFluid Dynamics IIO3 credits2V + 1UP. Jenny
151-0917-00LMass TransferW4 credits2V + 2UR. Büchel, S. E. Pratsinis
401-0603-00LStochastics (Probability and Statistics)W4 credits2V + 1UM. H. Maathuis
151-0573-00LSystem Modeling Information W4 credits2V + 2UG. Ducard, C. Onder
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