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Health Sciences and Technology Master Information
Major in Human Health, Nutrition and Environment
Elective Courses II
Module: Infectious Diseases
Students majoring in Human Health, Nutrition and Environment: At least one of the courses listed in this module must be selected.
551-0223-00LImmunology IIIW4 credits2VM. Kopf, S. B. Freigang, S. R. Leibundgut, F. Mair, A. Oxenius, C. Schneider, E. Slack, R. Spörri, further lecturers
701-0263-01LSeminar in Evolutionary Ecology of Infectious Diseases Information Restricted registration - show details W3 credits2GR. R. Regös, S. Bonhoeffer
701-1471-00LEcological Parasitology Restricted registration - show details
A minimum of 6 students is required that the course will take place.
W3 credits1V + 1PF. Feijen, J. Jokela, C. Vorburger
701-1703-00LEvolutionary Medicine for Infectious Diseases Restricted registration - show details W3 credits2GA. Hall
752-4009-00LMolecular Biology of Foodborne PathogensW3 credits2VM. Loessner, A. Harms, M. Schmelcher, M. Schuppler, E. Slack
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