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Earth and Climate Sciences Bachelor Information
Major: Climate and Water
Dr. Hanna Joos, Institute for Climate and Atmosphere, is available for consultations in the Climate and Water specialisation.
701-0471-01LAtmospheric Chemistry Information W3 credits2GM. Ammann, T. Peter
701-0475-00LAtmospheric Physics Information W3 credits2GU. Lohmann
651-3561-00LCryosphereW3 credits2VM. Huss, D. Farinotti, H. Zekollari
701-0461-00LNumerical Methods in Environmental Physics Information W3 credits2GC. Schär, C. Zeman
701-0473-00LWeather Systems Information W3 credits2GM. A. Sprenger, I. Thurnherr
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