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Doctorate Environmental Sciences Information
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Subject Specialisation
Agricultural Sciences
Graduate Programme in Plant Sciences
751-4003-01LCurrent Topics in Grassland Sciences (autumn) Information W2 credits2SN. Buchmann
551-0205-00LChallenges in Plant Sciences Information
Number of participants limited to 40.
W2 credits2KS. C. Zeeman, B. Keller, M. Paschke, T. Städler, further lecturers
551-0209-00LSustainable Plant Systems (Seminar)W2 credits2SM. Paschke, S. F. Bender, G. S. Bhullar, F. Liebisch, further lecturers
751-1050-00LCompositional Data Analysis (CODA)
Does not take place this semester.
Participants of PhD Program in Plant Sciences have priority - open to other PhD students if places are available.

Please register additionally to the registration in ETHZ course catalogue here: Link (select Plant Sciences)
W1 credit2G
701-1425-01LGenetic Diversity: Techniques Restricted registration - show details W2 credits4PA. M. Minder Pfyl
751-1060-00LIntroduction to Light Microscopy and Image Processing
For PhD students.
Students of University of Zurich and of Basel have full access, but registration is only valid if registered at: Link
Choose ► Plant Sciences ► "Sustainable Plant Systems"
W1 credit1PG. Csúcs
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