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Food Science Master Information
Major in Food Quality and Safety
Disciplinary Subjects
752-0801-00LFood Law and LegislationW+1 credit1VK. Krell Zbinden, E. Zbinden Kaessner
752-1021-00LFood EnzymologyW+3 credits2GL. Nyström, M. Erzinger
752-4009-00LMolecular Biology of Foodborne PathogensW+3 credits2VM. Loessner, A. Harms, M. Schmelcher, M. Schuppler, E. Slack
752-5103-00LFunctional Microorganisms in Foods Restricted registration - show details
Does not take place this semester.
W+3 credits2Gto be announced
752-1301-00LSpecial Topics in ToxicologyW2 credits2GK. Hecht, S. J. Sturla
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